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    Спец.предложения отелей

    Рыбацкая плавучая деревня

    Астрахань - дельта Волги - Малый Белинский банк (бывшие Брежневские дачи)


    Водный бунгало  2 рыбацкой деревни

    The season of a hunt for natatorial game in delta of Volga begins with the second Saturday of September and comes to an end November, 30. The most widespread kinds of hunts - on a duck and the goose. Accommodation - in double both single rooms "lux" and "junior suite" of water bungalows, in simple cabins of ministeam-ships and boats, the employee as mobile hotels. The description Places and objects of accommodation of hunters are submitted at us on pages in the Internet or it is sent to you under the request. COST of HUNTS Cost of hunts is given in price-lists, and also is lower on a page. BOATS And MINISTEAM-SHIPS - With accommodation нв simple cabins of boats and ministeam-ships - 75 $ day from the person. - WATER BUNGALOWS - A double junior suite ╧ 4 and ╧ 5 High season (15.09-20.11) - 75 $ day - One-double lux ╧ 7 And single ╧ 6 high season (15.09-20.11) - 95 $ day. - A double junior suite ╧ 1 and ╧ 2 High season (15.09-20.11) - 75 $ day - Double lux ╧ 3 High season (15.09-20.11) - 85 $ day In cost of hunts it is included: Meeting at the airport or at station in Astrakhan, transfer to a bungalow and back, accommodation in chosen number, three meals a day, the huntsman on a motor boat for each two person having a rest, the license for fishing or a hunt.

    By the order it is made transit service of the clients in Moscow: transfer c the airport in the airport, on station, Booking hotels, excursion programs, meetings and Way back DISCOUNTS To constant clients discount discounts up to 5-7 % To tourist agencies - 10 %. To the child till 10 years with two adults - 50 % Accompanying the big groups - under the contract.

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