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    Izmailovo VEGA Hotel, Moscow

    Vega Izmailovo Hotel***
    Russia, 105187, Moscow, Izmailovskoye Shosse, 71, korp. "3V"

    Hotel description
    Hotel: 1000 rooms, 30 floors.
    Started in: 1980
    The Complex was built in 1980 for the XXII Olympic Games. It is located in one of the most ecologically safe areas of Moscow.
    For those who live on 7-23 floors there is a free internet access that the guest can get
    using his notebook.
    Member of Russian Hotel Association
    Address of hotel
    Russia, 105187, Moscow, Izmailovskoye Shosse, 71, korp. "3V"
    Metro station "Partizanskaya"
    Credit cards

    Hotel rating by users
    Balance «rate/quality»good (67.76%)304
    Locationgood (69.72%)308
    Staffgood (65.08%)305
    Securitygood (67.97%)288
    Cleanlinessgood (72.00%)308
    Funnormal (53.29%)205
    Mealsgood (60.95%)242
    Charactergood (68.38%)302
    This rating based on customers voting. Each person who books with can rate the hotel after their stay.

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