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    Artem (Sergeev) Health Hotel
    Russia, 141422, Moscow Region, Khimki Distr., Firsanovka Village

    Hotel description
    Health Hotel: 85 rooms.
    The resort named after Artem (Sergeev) is one of the oldest resort of Russia. It is situated on the bank of the Shodnya river, in a park of area 90 hectares. The resort accepts parents with children aren't younger than 3 years old.
    Address of hotel
    Russia, 141422, Moscow Region, Khimki Distr., Firsanovka Village
    Medical profile
    The treatment is of cardiovascular, oporn-impellent, nervous systems.
    The resort is located 34 km from Moscow to the North-West direction.
    By train: from Leningradsky railway station to Shodnya station, then by resort's private bus.
    By car: along the Leningradskoe highway, the 34-th km, then under the undicator "The resort named after Artem (Sergeev)".
    Excursions over historical places of Podmoskovye.
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